Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Days of Preschool 2015

We had the best, best year of preschool this year!

Lizzy was with Ms. Beth on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jay spent 5 days a week with Mrs. Lindsey.

I also got Mrs. Phillips, Jay's 3 Year teacher, in this picture--both teachers poured so much into Jay over the last two years--his success at school will be all because of these two!

And for posterity purposes--here's how much Jay has grown this year--

and Lizzy, too!

They both learned so much and grew so much--I really can't believe Jay will be in Kindergarten in the fall but he's so, so ready! We went to orientation at his new school in April and everything is beyond wonderful. He's ready for the new adventure and a new backpack!

Preschool has been just the greatest experience for us--no one tells you that the few tears you shed when you leave them for the first time are NOTHING compared to the sobbing you'll do when you pick them up from the last day of preschool! There's a fantastic adventure ahead for our little Kindergartners--and these few, quick years have shaped his heart and mind in a way I never dreamed. We're counting the days of this precious summer and not hurrying through one moment of it. I only wish I would have done the same since day one.

I'm so thankful for the day I first discovered our sweet preschool while we were still house shopping. Its amazing when you can step back and see God's provision and answers to prayers you hadn't even yet prayed. This has been the best experience we could have asked for.

Now, on to enjoy summer!! 77 days until Kindergarten!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Loving Lacy and How You Can Too!

This girl.

She's all things bubbly, funny, bold and delightful.

Sweet Lacy is a great friend to both Jay and Lizzy and these three have a rowdy, silly, sweet time every single time they get together.

We most often see Lacy at the beach, aside from the occasional trip to Tuscaloosa.


She's the world to her parents, our friends Brad and Ashley.

We love her to pieces, which is why we're joining her family and the rest of Team Loving Lacy at the Great Strides Walk to Cure CF again this year.

We've contributed to the cause before, last year joined up with Lacy's team at the walk and this year want to invite you to help fight Cystic Fibrosis and find a cure for CF for Lacy and all of the other little spark-plugs born with it.

Jay, Lizzy and I will be walking laps on May 16 and would love any support you could give to our team.

Lacy has had a great year! She's gained 3 pounds putting her over the 40 pound mark which her doctors are happy about, continues daily breathing treatments and is living life to the fullest as a beautiful, bright, 6-year-old!

New drugs and research to fight CF and find a cure are on the cusp of defeating the type of CF that Lacy lives with. By joining together in the fight we can help sweet Lacy and other young people like her! 


These kids just adore each other and we humbly ask for your help (and donations!) to make this a great year for Great Strides against CF!


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Preschool Programs 2015

Preschool Program Day, for me, is like Christmas, my birthday, all of my graduations, Easter and New Years all rolled in to one. 

Not to over-exaggerate, but I LOVE them. 

I love seeing all of the children and their energy, nerves, smiles, dance moves, collaboration, pride and silliness. 

I  love seeing a year's worth of growth, learning, development and teamwork (from the teachers and the classmates) come together for a half-hour of showmanship. 

I love hearing little voices sing and shout about the world, things they know and God's love for us. 

I love it all!!

This year was epic because for the first (and only) time I got to experience this as a parent TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Both programs were adorable and I loved every single second of the programs and art shows.
Jay's was Thursday and Lizzy's was Friday. 

Some Highlights:
1. West kids in the back row now and forevermore. I hope they like it there. 
2. I wish it was okay for Jay to wear his hat like this all the time. Its perfection. 
3. Lizzy took a bow between every song. I loved it every time. 
4. Who knew Lizzy was the tallest out of all of the twos (now threes!)? That was surprising. 
5. Lizzy's bow game was strong. I actually thought we were going "simple" for the show, turns out she had the biggest bow of the bunch.
6. I just love watching all of the kids look around and find their own people. They are all so proud.
7. I messed up (forgot to press record) for part of Lizzy's performance and missed a good 3 or 4 songs including the sweetest Jesus Loves Me I've ever heard and Wheels on the Bus. Its a bummer I cant share those here, but I have then deep in my memory bank. 
8. Everyone told me how much they enjoy watching Jay at these programs, how funny he is and how they love his expressions. I humbly agree. 
9. His teacher also told me that he did about half of the show in different, various accents and she was sitting right next to him and had to keep from laughing the whole time. 
10. They are so proud of their performances. I don't think they get it from their Dad! ;)

The fours presented a "Barn Yard" program and I knew it would be awesome the day I got the note home telling me Jay was to wear a red shirt and denim shorts to be a Farmer. Yessss!

This was our carpool selfie pre-program. The excitement was palpable!
Scroll down for some videos of Jay's show.

Lizzy's Music and Movement show was the cutest!

Lizzy was not feeling well the morning of her show, thus she was not into taking pictures at all afterwards. I loved being there with her and Dede also came to cheer her on. She loved the show but the second it was over it was like a little virus took hold for the weekend. Way to be a trooper Lizzy! "The show must go on!"

And now for your viewing enjoyment (mainly for the fam in Tennessee)....I give you the programs! Enjoy!

This one made me sad! I've loved Jay's preschool and this Goodbye really got me!

Thanks for sharing my most favorite day(s) of the year!! I really could watch these kids every week--I just adore all that they learn and love seeing them have fun together. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hot Dog It's Dad's Birthday

We had a fun time celebrating Joseph with family last night!

I just wanted to do something that was totally Joseph and wanted to have all of his favorite things for him. 

Hot dogs and Oreos were abundant and we had the best time. (And full tummies!!)

I ordered digital files from Lauren Haddox Designs and printed everything at Staples--super simple. My favorite part was this big poster!

I ordered cookies again from Love Handels for our #1 Dad for the occasion.

Hot dogs, chips, dips, baked beans, chocolate cake with Oreo icing, and cookies rounded out the menu. 
We had a fun night celebrating and munching on Joseph's favorites. 

Printables here: Lauren Haddox on etsy

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter with the West kids was fun, sweet, busy and a tad bonkers this year!

We came back from the beach Friday afternoon to beat the traffic and make it home for a few egg hunts on Saturday.

Sadly, we didn't beat the traffic but the kids were awesome on our 6 hour trip home.
This was us on I-65 for almost an hour. Ignore my dusty/polleny dash. Thanks. 

Saturday morning we were up and ready for egg hunting and had a blast at church.

Seriously, Jay and Lizzy "found" a ton of eggs. Two baskets plus two filled bags.

As we left Lizzy started coming down with a virus, so the rest of her day and Easter morning mostly looked like this-

We did due eggs for the first time this year and both kids were amazed. I was amazed that we pulled it off with no cracks, spills or screams!

The Easter bunny came and did his thing- baskets, hidden eggs in the yard, and he even his our dyed eggs in the fridge! Silly wabbit.

We made Resurrection Rolls and bacon eggs and fruit for breakfast.

Jay and I went to church. If course the service was wonderful!

We came home to pick up Dad and Lizzy then off to Dede and Papa's for lunch with Joseph's family.

The kids had fun and got more goodies!

We came home candied up and tuckered out.

Although everything didn't go as planned and Lizzy was a tad under the weather we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our risen Savior!