Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Field Trip!

We visited the Fire Station with 4K today for Jay's 1st field trip.

The firefighters were great, the kids loved seeing the fire house--which really is a house in our neighborhood. 

They loved the pole!

Jay was right up front and totally tuned in. The firefighters told the class how they were responsible for everything at the fire station--cooking, maintenance, cleaning even washing and drying all of their clothes and linens. 

Jay's only report to dad tonight was that "The firemen put lemons in the dryer! isn't that so funny?!?!"

Linens I guess sounds a lot like lemons to a 4 year old. ha!!

We learned some great lessons about fire safety and all of the great work of the firefighters. 
First official Field Trip in the books! Crazy that we're here already. Time flies!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, New House!

Two years ago today we moved into New House!

"To mark this milestone let's take a photo!"
(Lizzy is still working on getting her "two's up".)

And here we are two years ago- this was actually about a week after we moved in. 

I still can't believe that just two years ago we went from this

to this

(and yes, that is the same "house"--
if you want the full scoop on New House click here)

We had to celebrate today with cupcakes (twice) and singing (more than twice) and candles for everyone. 

Its hard to believe its only been two years. 
We've already done so much here!

Lizzy's first steps


Holidays and Special Days

Fun Days

Happy Birthday New House! We love you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

First week of Fall Family Fun


We've had a fun first week of fall-though not in a pumpkiny-brisk weather kind of way! I'm linking up with the Friday Favorites again this week with just a few highlights. 

1. The beach in the fall.

We're on our way south for a quick trip. You just can't beat the Gulf Coast beaches in September and October. 

2. We got Jay's Halloween costume this week and Lizzy's is underway. They had tons of fun our our quick trip to pick out Jay's this week.

I need someone to be this lobster. Available at Target. 

3. We had a blast in t-town last weekend (which you know if you follow me on Instagram ) jay and Daddy went to the game and Lizzy and I took in some of the sights and snacked and watched games at the condo. 
If you're a cute little two year old who says "Roll Tide" to everyone you see you collect lots of candy and freebies during the game! 

Thanks for stopping in to share our favorites!